COPAN Italia S.p.A. announces the filing of a lawsuit against Svenska Laboratorieförsäljningen Aktiebolag, LABFAB, in the Swedish Patent and Market Court, for infringement of European Patent EP 1 608 268 B2

About COPAN Group

With a reputation for innovation, the family-owned COPAN Group is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. COPAN”s collaborative approach to innovation in pre-analytics has resulted in the original FLOQSwabs™, ESwab™, FecalSwab™ and UTM™, as well as Full Laboratory Automation. For more information, visit 


BRESCIA, Italy, April 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — COPAN is the global leader in preanalytical collection and transport devices serving the microbiology and medical communities. In the lawsuit, COPAN asserts that Svenska LABFAB has committed a willful infringement of the patent covering COPAN”s core flocked swab technology, in connection with the distribution in Sweden of products manufactured by Medical Wire & Equipment Co. Ltd. and comprising flocked swabs made by Puritan. ‘The scientific community and market universally recognize COPAN”s founder, Daniele Triva, as the inventor of flocked swabs for collecting biological specimens. That invention, in 2003, revolutionized the industry,’ said Lorenzo Fumagalli, COPAN”s General Counsel. ‘Since then, COPAN has invested an enormous amount of time and resources to develop, manufacture, and patent these innovative solutions, as well as to convince an initially skeptical market to adopt them. COPAN cannot tolerate infringements of its intellectual property rights by certain manufacturers and distributors: this Swedish litigation, together with the ongoing one against Puritan in the USA, confirms COPAN”s efforts in stopping the actions of those who we believe are violating our intellectual property rights.’

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