Epitomee Capsule Concept Presented at the Mixii Biomed 2018 Conference

The Epitomee Capsule is designed to induce weight loss and improve glycemic control in overweight and obese patients

The Epitomee concept for weight loss and glycemic control was presented by the company”s CEO, Dr. Dan Hashimshony at the Mixii BioMed 2018 conference in Tel Aviv.  

‘The Epitomee shapeshifting™ capsule was designed with particular focus on the high prevalence of overweight and obese people. Our self-administered capsule can be used by the billions of people around the world who need assistance in their weight loss and and glycemic control efforts. Any solution that requires significant medical intervention such as a surgical or endoscopic procedure may be effective for some patients, but is not practical for the huge number of patients around the world in need of treatment,’ said Hashimshony. ‘Our shapeshifting capsule concept is different; it is self-administered, can be taken at home and triggers early satiety signals assisting in earlier termination of each meal, weight loss and better glycemic control.’

‘Preliminary clinical results from the Epitomee Capsule are very promising,’ said Prof. Shirin, the director of the Institute of Gastroenterology, Liver Diseases and Nutrition at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Israel. ‘This self-administered concept of the Epitomee capsule could represent a new direction in the way we treat overweight and obesity.’

Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, Epitomee co-founder and chairman of the board said: ‘Our Shapeshaping™ capsule represents a new and very practical approach to the global over weight and obesity epidemic. Our clinical work indicates a great combination of a very simple, at home administration, a high degree of safety and very good effectiveness.’

About Epitomee Medical  

Epitomee was cofounded by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse with the goal of developing ingestible devices to treat some of today”s most prevalent underlying chronic diseases in a self-managed, safe, and effective way. Epitomee”s product is a drug-free, self-administered capsule that helps to improve glycemic control and addresses excess weight and obesity co-morbidities by promoting weight loss and establishing a healthier lifestyle.

The company is privately held with offices in Caesarea, Israel. For more information, please visit http://www.epitomeemedical.com

CAESAREA, Israel, May 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

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