Owen Mumford Provides Support to Achieve Better Blood Samples for Accurate Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT) Results

  • Owen Mumford, pioneers of safety lancets for capillary blood sampling, is supporting healthcare professionals gain confidence and achieve better samples as a result
  • When used correctly, POCT has been shown to improve patient care and work flow efficiency[1]  
  • Owen Mumfords Sample with Confidence range provides educational support for healthcare professionals using capillary blood based testing
  • Access to education will support good results as we see an increase in use of this form of blood sampling by healthcare professionals

It is estimated that global diagnosis by POCT will reach more than $38 billion by 2022[2], providing faster access to test results and allowing for more rapid clinical decision-making and more appropriate treatments and interventions.

Owen Mumford is a global leader in medical device design and manufacturing, with a legacy in the diabetes capillary blood POCT market. In acknowledging the increased use of this form of diagnosis, the company is supporting the growing number of healthcare professionals who recognise the benefit of using capillary blood sampling to test for an increasingly wide range of conditions.

This support is provided through a portfolio of education materials demonstrating how to collect different samples to support the achievement of more accurate POCT results using capillary blood.

Tony Cambridge, POCT Manager, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust says, ‘POCT has a foothold in patient testing particularly in glucose, urine, blood gases, INR and haemoglobin but there is scope for expansion, particularly in areas such as tests for HIV, influenza, and genetic abnormalities through use of molecular testing.”’

‘However it is important that the healthcare professional is trained and competent to perform the test. Fear of using blood capillary testing is often down to confidence and understanding how it fits with patient pathways so educational material is essential to ensure the correct usage of products. The materials available from Owen Mumford are on point and graphical in nature, and I believe that it will make it easy for users to understand the application of the test whilst reducing pre-analytical errors.’ 

The materials were developed in conjunction with two leading experts in the field of blood sampling education. Mary Ertl Dettmann[3] and Beth Kratzer[4] both of whom have backgrounds in blood sampling practice.

Mary Ertl Dettmann comments, ‘Education is crucial to avoid pre-analytical errors, both for POCT and for lab tests. There is a misconception that anyone can collect blood. This is not the case.

‘Confidence is key so the title of the education materials that we”ve developed with Owen Mumford is very important.  The ”Sample with Confidence” materials highlight the importance of getting the right capillary sample first time and having the faith needed to ensure that accurate, reliable test results are obtained.’

Beth Kratzer continues, ‘Cost is important in managing healthcare around the globe. As well as avoiding additional expenditure through repeat sampling, the ‘Sample with Confidence”’ programme can reduce training costs while ensuring a consistent approach, without different interpretation by a trainer, and the programme is very accessible as the guidelines are available 24/7. It offers an effective means of healthcare professionals increasing their comfort and proficiency in taking blood capillary samples, and therefore encourages confidence in using this effective diagnosis tool.’

The ”Sample with Confidence” materials are available on the Owen Mumford websitehttps://www.owenmumford.com/en/sample-with-confidence/ with the UK corporate site offering the materials in English. Translations in additional languages will be available on country specific websites in the coming weeks.

Owen Mumford is a major healthcare company and device manufacturer that commercialises pioneering medical products in its own brand and custom device solutions for the world”s major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Owen Mumford”s goal is to enhance access to diagnostics, encourage adherence to treatment and reduce healthcare costs, making a world of difference to a world of people.

Through advanced research involving end-users and healthcare professionals, and extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, Owen Mumford produces class-leading medical devices that are used globally and exports over 85% of its products to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Selected as one of The World Economic Forum”s Global Growth Companies, Owen Mumford is a trusted partner to many of the world”s biggest diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.  For further information visit http://www.owenmumford.com.

1. Larsson, Pylpczuk, Huisman The State of Point-of-Care Testing, a European Perspective March 2015 US National Library of Medicine

2. Markets and Markets, Point-of-Care Rapid Diagnostics Market by Testing, Global Forecast to 2022 February 2018

3. Mary Ertl Dettmann MA, CLS, MT(ASCP), is a former Education Coordinator at ACL Laboratories, West Allis Wisconsin and Education Manager-Laboratory at Wheaton Franciscan Laboratories Milwaukee Wisconsin.

4. Beth Kratzer CLS MT(ASCP) is a Clinical Development Coordinator, Laboratory Education Department at Ascension WI Wheaton Franciscan Laboratories Milwaukee Wisconsin.

OXFORD, England, August 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

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