Online Tickets for $625 Million US Powerball Selling Like Hot Cakes

LONDON, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — US lottery madness continues. Millions of Europeans, Australians and Latin Americans are ordering tickets for the $625 million US Powerball on Saturday.

TheLotter”s spokesman Adrian Cooremans: ‘US lotteries pull in a global crowd once jackpots reach this sort of level. And, yes, amounts at stake are astonishing. If there will be a winner this weekend, he or she will be wealthier than the average Hollywood star or top CEO – the sum”s probably high enough to buy a Premier League Football club outright. It really is the stuff dreams are made on.’

Cooremans continues: ‘In the past few months we have seen media exposure skyrocket. There have been items about theLotter from media outlets such as CNN, NBC, BBC Radio and Germany”s Bild newspaper. I think their interest springs from the trust our customers express to have in us. We actually physically purchase paper US lottery tickets rather than merely offering a betting service like some other companies. We operate according to the rules.’

‘US Powerball rules, for example, state that you do not have to be a citizen or a resident to play the game, but, in order to be able to collect any prize, the ticket must stay in the US. That”s why we keep customers” tickets inside a safe in a secure location in the States and send them a scan proving chain of custody. Winners are flown out to the US to claim their jackpot in person. Our past winners from Europe, Australia, Canada, Iraq and Latin America were all checked thoroughly by federal and state agencies and each time the conclusion was that theLotter and the individual winners acted in accordance with the rules of the lottery and the law.’ 

‘We already work together with US state legislatures and lottery commissions, but we”re intensifying the cooperation. In the coming months we”re set to launch an array of exclusive joint ventures with them – with their official stamp of approval for online play options. Both in East Coast states as well places on the West Coast, negotiations are in the final stages. Stay tuned!’

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New lottery options in the pipeline

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